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I have dedicated email accounts for all of you.

They are your first name, then ptbrown.net

I will keep this account and web site active from now on. We won't have to change our address(es) each and every time we move, change ISPs, etc.  This also allows access to mail using Outlook instead of the yahoo webmail and the like interfaces.

To access this email account, you'll need to set us a few things on your email client: use imap or pop

        Incoming Server (IMAP)    imap.1and1.com

        Incoming Server (POP)     pop.1and1.com

        Outgoing Server (SMTP)   smtp.1and1.com

Click here for Outlook Express mail setup instructions.

Click here for Outlook mail setup instructions.

You have to email me your password for obvious reasons.

All accounts have medium spam blocking and virus protection enabled.












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