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Using Streets and Trip to create Custom POIs


1. Create route or waypoints using Route Planner in S&T. Save as .est (its default)

2. In order to edit the POI data, convert the .est to .csv using GPSBabel GUI.

3. Open csv in MS Excel. Move Lats in column A to Column B and Longs from B to A. Name is in C and Comments in D

4. File Save As csv.

5. Convert csv to gpx using Garmin GPX Converter

6. Move newly created .gpx file to POI folder dedicated to Custom POIs on your Garmin. See instructions below.

7. Open POI Loader (see more detailed instructions below). Load Custom POI folder into Garmin SD card


Using MapSource to create Custom POIs

1. Create a folder anywhere desired on PC, but it will be used ONLY for POIs
2. Open MapSource, and on left side panel, click the Waypoints tab
(Just leave Category at All Categories for this purpose)
3. Click Find, then Find Places
4. Input info wanted, click Find
5. In the place(s) found list, highlight one that is wanted as a POI, then click
Make Waypoint, click OK
6. Do same for any others in result list, and/or repeat steps 3-5 to find
more/other places
7. A list of created Waypoints is built up in left panel
8. When finished, click OK in the result list window (or close it) and the
screen is back to showing the MapSource main screen, with the Waypoint list
at left
9. Save or Save As, using any desired file name for your POI category just
created, but save it as type .gpx, AND save it in that POI folder created in
first step
Close MapSource
REF: Gpspassion Forum


Using POI Loader

1. Have either the Nuvi connected to PC, or a card reader with an SD card
plugged connected to PC. HIGHLY recommend using SD card!
2. Start POI Loader.
3. Click Next, it will find Nuvi or SD card
4. When that shows properly in the Device: window, click Next
5. Use Browse (or type in) to show path to the POI folder created before
6. Use Express Mode (Feet or meters, etc., are for Alerts, otherwise doesn't
7. Click Next
8. If it goes well, which it should, you will be congratulated, click Finish

REF: Gpspassion Forum




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